Friday, 4 April 2008

Grilled Salmon Fins

Good simple meals need not be expensive. I paid about £3 for two freshly gutted salmon fish heads.

I have used up a head for soup and saving another for a different day.

The fins are reserved for cooking two different dishes. All in all for £3 it will yield four meals.

What more can I ask for except to cook it for myself.

Fins and the belly are my favourite parts of a fish.

Without much ado, this is how I cook for myself to enjoy.


1. Two pieces of salmon fins

2. Salt

3. Pepper


1. Wash and pat dry fish. It is important to ensure crispier skin.

2. Rub with good quality salt if possible. For this dish, the only type I have in the larder was ordinary table salt. It tasted just as yummy.

3. Season with freshly ground pepper or white pepper.

4. It is important fish is cooked at room temperature.

5. Crumble aluminium oil and place on a rack. It makes cleaning up easier.

Place fins on top of aluminium foil without overlapping.

6. Switch grill to medium. You may need to turn the fins around during the cooking process.

7. Grill till desired liking. It took me about six minutes.


Salmon is an oily fish thus IMO, it is not necessary to brush over with oil.

You can literally hear the skin 'popping' as it's grilling.

I want to taste real fish thus find it unnecessary to complicate on the seasoning.

Thinking about mum and my best friend back in Singapore as I am enjoying it.

I do pan fry sometimes when the grill is not available.

What a gorgeous day

Yipppeeeeeeeee, my UK driving licence arrived this morning. Thank God for the many prayers answered.

So happy to receive a call from a friend in India.

Took a bus down to the bus station and a cab to the hospital to pick up my X-ray but it was not meant to be. Had to take another cab back to the bus station after arranging for it to be sent to mi casa instead.

Went to the shop to collect my handbag. Was shocked when the proprietor told me it was free of charge. I advised it was unacceptable as she had to order a new part and labour cost involved. Very happily she said albeit I had made many fruitless trips but I had never complained or rude to her or her staff when the part did not arrive as promised. In appreciation for being a polite and good customer and making her day, she was prepared to absorb her losses. I reciprocated by donating some cash in a charity box in her shop.

Walked into the Chinese grocery shop again and beseeched them to order the chicken feet. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed on that.

Thanked God many times today for the many blessings.


The world is filled with FRIENDS we had not met YET .......... May we be friends?