Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Salted Eggs (Kiam Neng)

The non-descript salted egg, yet so priceless when one lives abroad and is deprived of a product taken for granted back home.
I had never thought of making my own salted eggs as I am the only one, in the family here in Spain who eats them. The mindset was changed by the suggestion of Tiantianchi ( and the willingness of Bppw ( to share his precious recipe.
I was so grateful when Bppw's wife (BppwW) sent me the recipe via private message.
Eggs with white shells are hard to come by where I live, thus I am keen to make another batch when they are available.

This recipe is so simple and fuss free.

Friends have appreciated them as much as I do when I passed some eggs over to them.

1. Coarse salt (or if better Kosher salt) - 0.5 kg
2. Water - 1.5 litres
3. Grade A Fresh Eggs - 10
4. Glass Bottle large enough for the 10 eggs

1. Boil salt and water till salt is dissolved. Remove and set aside for
24 hours. (This is important as you need to cool the solution to make
sure that you don't accidentally "cook" the eggs if the solution is still
2. Strain the solution after 24 hours into the glass bottle and immerse
the eggs gently into it. Cover but leave a gap for air circulation.
3. Store in a cool place for about 21 days. (Test one egg after 18 days.
If not salty continue pickling).

Once again, Bppw and BppwW, thank you very much for sharing and I hope I have done justice to your recipe.

The quality of the yolks plays an important part in making a solid good salted egg.
The eggs used in this recipe were from corn fed chickens.
This is my fourth batch and I have said hello to the eggs each time I see them.
I am itching to have another salted egg.