Sunday, 16 August 2009

Simple Pan Fried Prawns

1. Prawns - quantity of your choice
2. Good quality sea salt according to taste
3. Oil depending on amount of prawns to be cooked
4. Squeeze of lime - optional

Cooking time: 3 minutes

1. Choose a pan/wok big enough to contain amount of prawns to be pan fried.
2. When pan/wok is hot, add oil, when oil is smoking, add prawns, spread them out in pan/wok. Leave it to cook for about a minute. Add extra oil if necessary.
3. Flip prawns over and continue cooking for about another minute or depending on sizes of prawns.
4. Do not overcook prawns. Prawns are cooked when they turned pink/red or depending on the species.
5. Remove on serving dish, sprinkle good quality sea salt and serve immediately. It's finger licking good and enjoy it as is. No dip no other seasoning required.

Note: If you do not appreciate sucking on the prawn heads and shells, do not discard. They can be used to make a stock to be used at a later date. Freeze them and use as and when required.