Sunday, 9 August 2009

Fried Eggs with Prawns

Serves: 4
Prep time 10 mins
Cooking Time: 5 minutes

1. 4 eggs
2. 10 medium sized prawns or more, peeled, cleaned and patted dry.
3. One teaspoon of warm water
4. Pinch of salt and white pepper according to taste
5. Oil for cooking according to taste


1. Break the eggs into a bowl with a pinch of salt, white pepper and a teaspoon of warm water but do not mix yet.

2. Heat a small pan/wok until almost smoking. Add three tablespoon of oil, when smoking, add a pinch of salt in work, swirl oil around, add prawns in a single layer. Do not overlap. When slightly pink, flip prawns over and remove from heat. Prawns should still be slightly raw.
Add prawns including any juice into egg mixtures.
3. Wipe wok very clean with kitchen paper towel or rinse wok.

4. When pan is smoking, add remaining oil or more according to taste. Whisk egg mixture gently with a fork. When oil is smoking, add egg mixture. Spread prawns around. Cook for about a minute or when the bottom is slightly brown. Flip eggs over and cook till eggs are just about set.

Remove and serve immediately.


Replace the prawns with scallops, barbecued pork or onions, coriander/spring onions according to taste. For this recipe, I just want to taste the prawns and eggs.

Tip: If there is insufficient oil when frying the eggs, drizzle some oil around the edges. Turn eggs only once.