Thursday, 19 June 2008

Cheese and Egg Baked

Serves: One
Prep: Five minutes

1. ¾ cup cheddar cheese or cheese of your choice.
2. One large egg at room temperature.
3. Unsalted butter for greasing bowl.
4. Dash of white pepper (optional)
5. Sprinkling of hot paprika (optional)

1. Pre-heat oven to 200C or 400F.
2. Grease a shallow oven proofed bowl lightly with butter.
3. Add cheese into bowl. Push cheese away to side from centre of bowl.
4. Crack egg in centre of bowl. Sprinkle some cheese on the egg.
5. Bake dish on centre shelf of oven for about five minutes.
6. Increase oven temperature to maximum for about one minute for cheese to brown or longer depending on your oven.
7. Serve immediately with crusty bread

1. Mature cheddar cheese is used in the recipe as we like strong cheese. It's easier to shred cheese directly from the fridge.
2. Delicious with a sprinkling of hot paprika when dish is cooked.
3. Do not over bake lest cheese dries up and egg yolk rock solid. You can always put it back into the oven to extend cooking period if it's not done to your taste, but nothing can be done if it is overcooked.