Monday, 14 July 2008

Baked Chicken With Garlic and Potato

1. One chicken breast with skin and bone in.
2. One potato, thinly sliced
3. Half a leek, sliced into rings
4. Half a Spanish onion, sliced
5. 9 whole cloves garlic with skin (depending on taste)
6. One cup of hot chicken stock
7. ¼ cup of white wine - optional
8. A teaspoon of coarse black pepper
9. Sea salt
10. Sprig of rosemary
11. Glug of EVO

1. Place sliced potatoes, leeks with a pinch of salt and bring to a boil till vegetables just about to be tender, drain and kept warm.
2. Switch oven to maximum heat.
3. Rub chicken with sea salt
4. Grease warm baking dish lightly with oil/butter of your choice.
5. Layer potatoes, onions, leeks and pour combined hot cooking liquid over vegetables.
6. Sprinkle dash of coarse black pepper on vegetables.
7. Place chicken on top of vegetables and scatter whole garlic cloves.
8. Wrap aluminium foil loosely around dish and bake on maximum heat for twenty minutes.
9. Remove aluminium foil and brown chicken skin till slightly golden.
10. Serve on warm plate and drizzle more EVO on dish before serving.

Note: Optional to serve peas with fresh mint on a side