Thursday, 2 October 2008

Fried fish with chilli

I love fish and wouldn't mind cooking it just for myself.

1. Fish of your choice, filleted, medium sized whole fish, including head and tail or cut fish in half if it's too big a slice. Wash and pat dry.
2. Four tablespoons of chilli paste of your choice or more according to taste.
3. Two slices of ginger, slice into small cubes or julienne
4. Two stalks spring onions or leek, roughly sliced


1. One quarter cup water
2. Pinch of sugar (optional)
3. Three tablespoons black soya sauce or mushroom sauce
4. One tablespoon light soya sauce
5. A teaspoon of fish sauce (optional)
6. Splash of Chinese wine, dry sherry or Hua Tiao Wine
7. One tablespoon sesame oil
8. Juice from quarter of a lime (optional)

1. Heat wok till hot, add about six tablespoons oil or enough oil to pan fry fish. Do not overcook fish.
2. Set fish aside on a serving plate.
3. Throw away oil but retain about two tablespoons to pan fry ginger and white parts of spring onions or white parts of leek on medium heat.
4. Add chilli paste, black/mushroom sauce, fish sauce and light soya sauce, stir around gently for about half a minute.
5. Add water and increase heat to high. When sauce has reduced with a slightly thick consistency, add fish and mix in well with the fish.
6. Splash Chinese wine, dry sherry or Hua Tiao Wine and sesame oil around fish. Mix sauce well with fish for about half a minute.
7. Plate up and squeeze lime juice over fish if preferred.

Note: Serve with hot plain rice with a side plate of sliced raw onion rings and cucumbers.