Sunday, 24 August 2008

Fried Kang Kong

A vegetable dish that I cannot resist buying, if available is Water Convolvulus/Kang Kong or stir fried morning glory with belachan or shrimp paste. It is pungent, aromatic, bold and simply delicious.

It cooks in less than four minutes but the timing is crucial with good wok hei (the breath of the wok).

Main Ingredients:
1. One kilo of kang kong (pluck only the tender parts), washed in plenty of cold water and drained well.
2. Four tablespoons oil of your choice.

Ingredients A
1. One shallot, roughly sliced
2. 3 cloves garlic, lightly bruised but kept whole

Ingredients B
1. One tablespoon belachan
2. One tablespoon dried prawns
3. One teaspoon sugar
4. One red bird's eye chilli, sliced thinly (optional)
5. Two tablespoons or more of cooked chilli paste of your choice

Ingredient C
Dash of fish sauce

1. Heat a wok on HIGH heat and then add the cooking oil. When smoke emits from the wok, add ingredients A.
2. Stir quickly then add Ingredients B, continue stirring over high heat till the pungent aroma of belachan permeates the kitchen. It takes less than a minute.
3. Toss in kang kong and stir continuously till the leaves started to wilt. Add a few dashes of fish sauce and continue stirring over high heat. The colour of the vegetable should still be green.
4. Dish and serve hot immediately.