Thursday, 4 September 2008

Pork Porridge

There are times when porridge will do the trick to whet the appetite or when one is feeling poorly. It's not easy to cook rice for one and I tend to cook extra to freeze for later.
There are many ways to cook congee (porridge) and my taste differs depending on the weather. At times I like it smooth and on occasion with a bit of texture.
This is my basic recipe for porridge. Substitute chicken for pork if preferred.
1. Four pieces pork chops or any lean pork of your choice. Wash, pat dry, remove fat and slice pork into thin strips. Do not discard the bones. Add two tablespoons of salt to pork mixture including the pork bones. Mix well and leave it to marinate overnight in the fridge.
2. Two bowls of cooked rice or a bowl of raw broken rice
3. Thumb of ginger lightly bruised.
4. Salt to marinate and to taste

1. Leave marinated pork at room temperature before cooking. Blanch with hot water. Rinse pork well.
2. In a pot, large enough to cook the porridge, bring water to a boil (water level about four inches above ingredients). Add rice, pork and a pinch of salt. Bring back to the boil.
3. Lower temperature, lid on, simmer till pork is slightly tender and rice grains have broken up.
4. Add bruised ginger and more water if necessary and continue to simmer till desired consistency is reached.
5. Stir and scrape bottom of pot occasionally to prevent burning.
6. Serve hot with ingredients of your choice.
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