Friday, 14 March 2008

My first Post

Morning folks and greetings from cold England.
Very excited, for here I am, trying to have a proper blog.
A blog was created about two years ago but I am not able to recall
the name nor password.:((
Hmmmm, why am I such a dudette with computers? Tried uploading
photos of a dish but it did not appear in sequence.
Gonna take a walk to have some fresh air. Hopefully by then, there is
a quick solution to my problem.
Have a safe and wonderful day.


foodie said...

Hi HB,
Congratulations on your new blog.Do keep on trying.Waiting to see photos of your cooking and photos of your coming makan session in London.
Is years since I went to Gerald Street(weekly rituals when I was studying in London)


HB said...

Greetings Foodie_L from cold, dreary and daunting UK with the present weather.
I am still trying to upload the fotos without avail. Still wondering as it's out of sequence.
Hehehehehehe, have cooked several other dishes too but my first dish must be dedicated to mum, in her memory. Once it's successful, shall keep you guys posted.
Yup! Yup! shall have a write up on our makan makan trip to London too.
Thanks for the encouragements and kind words. Besitosssssssssss