Saturday, 12 April 2008

Braised Salmon Fish Head

Braised Salmon Fish Head
1. One fish head
2. Enough corn flour to lightly dust fish head
3. 6 tablespoon light soya sauce and ½ bowl of water (Mix together)
4. Fresh ginger sliced
5. One red onion sliced
6. Sprig of coriander or stalk of spring onion, light bruised on the white part. Set aside some for garnishing.
7. A drop of sesame oil

1. When pot is hot, lightly brown fish head, ginger and onions on the side.
2. Turn fish to lightly brown on all sides. Takes about five minutes.
3. Not necessary to cook fish thoroughly, add coriander or spring onion, lightly stir in without breaking fish head.
4. Pour stock, bring to a boil, lower fire and braise gently for about ten minutes on each side.
Periodically spoon gravy over fish.
5. Remove fish, set aside. Discard onions and ginger but reserve the gravy.
6. After adjusting seasoning, increase fire to reduce gravy further, add drop of sesame oil, stir in coriander, and pour over fish head.

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