Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Puerto Feria (April 28th 2008)

So happy to be back in time for the celebration and meeting up with my friends again.


Camemberu said...

So beautiful and so festive! Looks like a good time indeed!

Hungrybear Hungrybear said...
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Hungrybear Hungrybear said...

Howdy Camemberu, glad you like the fotos :))
Thanks for your comments. Yes, a very good time was had by all. I took loads of fotos the previous night, casetas and food photos but they were deleted by mistakes :((
Most sayang were the fotos captured on how the spaniard roast the suckling pig on a turnspike.

Hopefully able to recapture other casetas in Jerez.

Hungrybear Hungrybear said...

Si, estamos muy guapas!!!
Amiga Lola, gracias for the correction. Have deleted and corrected spelling for casetas. Hopefully, shall see you this evening at the feria in Jerez. I can pick up both you and Eileen too.

Véale más adelante.