Sunday, 15 June 2008

Chocolate con Churros

Chocolate con Churros is a quintessential Spanish treat. It's usually sold by weight and a plateful is more than sufficient for two.

It's quite fascinating to see them prepare the dough for deep frying. Shall take some photographs if I have the chance.

Porras are thicker than churros, very similar to our Chinese Dough Deep Fried Fritters. The price for a plate with a serving of thick, creamy and warm chocolate is between 3 to 4 Euro.

It's good enough to eat on its own, with a sprinkling of sugar or dunked in chocolate. Should I crave some usually I buy the minimum order of a euro. It comes, wrapped in cone-shaped paper. Churros are best eaten hot. I enjoy them most as is without sugar or dunking in warm chocolate.

Avoid this if you are on a diet as it's disastrous for your waistline.

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