Saturday, 7 June 2008

A Prayer For The One Who Is Left

Lord, the trouble about
life just now
Is that I seem to have all
things which don’t
matter, and to have
lost all the things which do matter.
I have life;
I have enough money to live on:
I have plenty to occupy me:
but I am alone,
and sometimes I feel
that nothing can make
up for that.

Lord compel me to see
the meaning of my faith.
Make me to realise
that I have a hope
as well as a memory, and
the unseen cloud of
witnesses is around me;
that You meant it when
You said that You would
always be with me;
and make me realise that
as long as You leave me
here there is something that
I am meant to do;
and in doing it, help me
to find the comfort and the
courage that I need to go on.

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