Thursday, 3 July 2008

Various fruits

How many types of fruits can you differentiate from the photo?
The key in saving money is in buying seasonal fruits at their freshest and also cheapest.
Buy bananas at different stages of ripeness to prevent wastage as in all fruits.
For example, I will choose a nectarine just ripe for eating immediately and the other piece to be eaten at a different day.
This logical way of purchasing applies to all classes of fruits.
Papayas are very expensive here. The piece in the photograph cost about 1.95 Euro
Fruits on the stand will last us about three days normally.

We do not leave fruits in the fridge. They are displayed in the living room so the incentive to eat and enjoy them is greater.

I am very happy to reciprocate in taking care of my friends' garden whilst they are back in England.
Couldn't resist taking photographs this evening and hope you enjoy them too.
Don't you wish to bite into one?


XY said...

Oh I see the peaches! They look so delicious!! :D


Hungrybear said...

Thanks love. Yes, they are deliciously sweet.
Have plucked the two peaches from the first photo and left it at my friends' kitchen counter top this evening. :))