Monday, 25 August 2008

Loofah or Ridge Gourd with Prawns

I do not know what the name of this vegetable is in Mandarin but this is one of the rare vegetables that I like with some gravy as, similar to a loofah sponge, it soaks up gravy easily.

Choose lean and slender ridge gourd with 'hard' skin whereby the tips snapped off easily.

1. Four pieces loofah, peel outer skin and slice in desired shapes. I prefer them in wedges.
2. Three cloves garlic, lightly bruised but kept whole
3. Six or more large prawns. Remove shells but keep the heads and tails if possible as it will enrich the gravy.
4. Add one tablespoon of chicken stock into half a cup of water.
5. One egg, lightly beaten
6. Pinch of salt and dash of white pepper
7. Three tablespoons of onion oil or oil of your choice
8. Dash of sesame oil

1. Heat wok on high heat. Add oil, and when oil is smoking, add prawns, quick stir and remove immediately. Prawns should still be slightly raw. Drain and set aside.
2. Reheat oil till smoking, add garlic and when garlic is aromatic, add vegetables, keep on stirring for about half a minute, add dash of pepper to taste and pinch of salt. Continue stirring for about another half a minute.
3. Add stock and mix well with vegetable and let it boil for between two to three minutes.
4. Add prawns and mix well for another minute.
5. Spread egg mixture over vegetable; leave it for a few second before flipping vegetables over.
6. Add a dash of sesame oil, mix well before dishing up to serve hot.

Note: If you know what is the local and Mandarin name for this vegetable, please advise. Thanks.
It takes between six to seven minutes to cook this dish.
Do not overcook lest the vegetable becomes soggy and slimy

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