Thursday, 3 April 2008

Lamb chops

They were on special offers and I couldn't resist it.
Easy to cook, simply grill or pan fry and serve with your favourite vegetables or salads.


Laurie said...

Never had lamb. Looks tasty though. Nice blog..just passin thru. :)

Typewriter said...

I love your blog for meal ideas, it is now in my 'favourites'! thanks =)

Hungrybear said...

Thanks Laurie for taking the time to comment. Appreciate that. The best lamb I have enjoyed thus far in the States was from Outback Steak House. Oooooooooo salivating at the thought of that. Cheers.

Hungrybear said...

Howdy Typewriter and thanks for taking time off to post your comments.
It's very much appreciated and more meaningful when it has benefited you too.

The lamb chops were purchased from Sainsbury. Really good value for money sold at sell by date. I had to cook it different styles, two days in a row for myself to enjoy. Cheers.