Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Lamb Chops

1. Lamb chops - marinade with some light soya sauce, freshly ground pepper and rosemary. Mix well.
2. Two medium sized potatoes - slice into chunks
3. A clove of garlic - sliced
4. A pinch of fresh grated nutmeg
5. Three tablespoons of milk, double cream, light cream or what ever is available.
6. Knob of butter
7. A stalk of spring onion roughly sliced
8. Chicken stock or water, just enough to cover potatoes
9. Mint sauce

1. Marinade lamb chops for a minimum of twenty minutes or overnight.
2. Add potatoes, garlic, and a pinch of salt to chicken stock or water. Bring to a boil, lower heat to medium and cook till just tender. Strain potatoes in a colander, place potatoes back in pot. Add knob of butter, dash of white pepper, freshly grated nutmeg if used. Add milk, mash together till about smooth. Add spring onion and mash to desired consistency.
3. On a smoking pan, a drop EVO, swirl oil round pan, place lamb chops, do not crowd pan. Lamb chops cook very quickly. When slightly brown, turn over once. Cook other side for less than a minute, remove from pan and let them rest for a few minutes before serving.
4. Serve on warm plate with mint sauce and vegetables of your choice.

The Spanish version is cut pathetically thin and it takes less than three minutes to cook the chops. Cooking time varies according to thickness of the cut.

I prefer mashed potatoes wee bit chunky as opposed to really smooth. If the potatoes are a bit dry after mashing, gradually add more milk/cream to desired texture.


Anonymous said...

I made french marinated rack of lamb! Here's my post:

I think lamb tastes better than mutton as it is more tender and has a less "musty" taste.

Your lamb chop recipe looks delicious! The marinade is much simpler too. I might try it one of these days. (:


Hungrybear Hungrybear said...

Rexic, thanks for your comment. Yes, lamb is yummmy but it's so difficult to find good cuts here. Had not seen rack of lamb being sold.
The simple seasoning is so versatile and I use it alot. Lamb is a rich meat thus not to spoil it by over seasoning. HB

karlsfoodie said...

din know u have a blog!!
nice poto n recipes!! I love lamb chops!!!!

Bearhungry said...

Karlsfoodie, thanks for your comment. Yes, I love lamb chops too. Scroll to beginning of my blog, you will find another recipe for grilled lamb chops. Sorry, my blog is kind of a mess at this juncture. Trying to 'redesign' with the help of Rexic. Cheers