Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Golden Dragon, London, Makan Session, March 24th 2008

It was on a cold snowy morning that we said goodbye to Obachan and her family. They have been very gracious to both Siaoeh and moi. Yummilicious home made pineapple tarts were baked and packed by Obachan for us.

After a ride to the train station from Obachan it was an uneventful journey to London for our next makan session before heading home.

When we finally arrived at Golden Dragon, mercifully we were seated very quickly in part because there were only two of us. The restaurant was fully packed with the lunch crowd and there was a line of people waiting for the next available table.

By this time, gastric juice was oozing big time and we couldn't wait to eat. It was worth the journey due to the quality food served, cheap and excellent service.

The Captain wasn't angry when I rejected the wrong vegetable and size served. Very upbeat to replace with a smiling face. The dou miao was worth waiting for.

The egg tarts were simply delicious, very smooth custard and delightful light pastry. The hum shui kok Oooooooooooooooo. The carrot cakes were at par with Crystal Jade and Lei Garden in Singapore.

At the end of lunch, both of us ordered extra loh mai and carrot cakes as takeaways. Regretfully we didn't have the chance to order the egg tarts.

We parted ways as Siaoeh has to rush to take the coach back to Wales whereas I headed for my hair appointment.

Bought extra bitter gourd amongst other goodies, jalan jalan on my own before heading home.

It was a fabulous weekend and a chance in meeting up with friends and putting a name to a face.

Many thanks to Obachan for putting up with us and Dribbly for making it all possible. Kum sia kum sia. :))

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