Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Tai Ka Lok, London, March 21st 2008, Makan Session

Finally the day had arrived for moi to meet up with Siaoeh at St. Pancras International, London. Alamak, waited patiently and feeling so hungry yet there was no sign of her. Apparently, due to some miscommunications we had waited at opposite ends. Incidentally, very malu to say I do not have a sense of directions but seek alternative ways by default.

Nonetheless, the first stop was at Selfridges for CKT. Been yearning for it for ages. Siaoeh suggested buying frozen see hums as an add on to the CKT. Hehehehehehehe, doubt that would be feasible. We checked in our luggage at the luggage counter at a cost of £6.50 per bag and ventured out for our makan spree.

By the time we were seated to take the first mouthful, moi nearly fainted from hunger liao; without breakfast, the travelling and walking. We had walked a few miles by now, taking in the crowds, the surroundings and atmosphere along Oxford Street.

The CKT was quite disappointing to me. It was tasteless, the fish cake was like eating into a piece of tasteless dough and extra chilli meant spoonful of chilli flakes on the side. What saved the dish was excellent wok hei, crunchy bean sprouts and three pieces of fresh prawns.The saving graces were excellent wok hei, crunchy bean sprout and three pieces of decent size fresh prawns. It was okay for Siaoeh but after more than a few mouthfuls and at £7.90 per plate, I walked back for some light soya sauce to make it more enjoyable.

We walked from one end of Oxford Street to the other looking for a place for lunch. It was finally settled at Tai ka Lok as we liked to try the pipa duck. Thought of Eslim (Makansutra) when I saw the big intestines and what a shame that they didn't have hoon tern. Tiantianchi aka TTC was in my mind too when I ordered the orangy coloured sotong amongst other goodies.

Food was okay, cheap and service was good. The highlight of the dish was the pipa duck. It would taste better IMO, if the gravy was served in a separate bowl.

Erhemmm, have you ever asked the server to reheat your soup after drinking half of it? ((*:*)) Moi did and they were very nice about it.

After lunch, we walked further to burn off some calories in search of you tiao and soya bean curd. Thank god for real teeth if not we would have lost some tooth while biting into the chewy and hard you tiao.

More kai kai and in search of extra food to eat. Finally we found the place that sold chwee kuey but it didn't look appealing at all. We gave it a miss and bought some egg tarts and sesame seed balls with lotus filling to satisfy our craving.

Time out to make the trip to Obachan's house for Peramakan mee siam. We were served two huge bowls and that really was the icing to the cake.

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