Monday, 5 May 2008

Golden Dragon, April 2008 (Revisited)

It was a very eventful and happy day out with DWE. After we had checked out from the hotel and left our bags with Left Baggage Room, we roamed around and took in all the sights. DWE patiently explained and pointed out different landmarks for me to watch out for. She had also suggested that we walked familiar roads to help with my sense of directions to and fro from the hotel on my own.
Many thanks love for your thoughtfulness.
We ventured into Chinatown to decide which restaurant to eat. After walking for quite some time, eyeing at the window food display, Golden Dragon was decided as Siaoeh and I had a delicious meal during our March makan session.

Unable to resist telling Siaoeh, we were lunching there, sent her an SMS. She would be back pigging out with her ah lao in a few days time and shall be very mindful to tapao more radish cakes and egg tarts.

Food were cheap, not compromising on standard, prompt and attentive service.
Look at DWE smiling happily :))
Before leaving DWE ordered two extra servings of egg tarts to be packed for DWEH.

She suggested having dinner at the same place but reminded her we were be meeting up with Hotmale and a decision can be finalised later.
On top of that, we have a movie to watch and I need to recheck in into the hotel.

Not taking much fotos as some were already posted in a previous thread.

Was so disappointed, not being able to eat at the same venue due to a private function on day of my departure.:((

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