Monday, 5 May 2008

Yauatcha, Makan Session in LON, April 2008

After an eventful and happy day out with DWE, it was time to meet up with Hotmale. Was looking forward to meeting up with him again as the last time we met with his wifey was at Eslim and Florence house. It also brought back fond memories of meeting up with other makan kakis and the privileged to have tasted Florence's cooking. Those popiahs, wahhhhhhhhhhhhh, so far, the best I have tried, quail, soto ayam etc.. free flow of gastric juices.:))

There was a discussion in where we should dined and Yauatcha was decided. It was also highly recommended during one of our makan sessions in March.

Read the attached reviews.

Enjoy the virtual tour.

If you plan to try out this place, ask for a seating upstairs. I find the basement too dark for comfort. I would like to see what I am eating.

Dishes were delicious and expertly cooked minus the chicken feet. The food was served quite speedily and I asked the server to slow down in order for us to appreciate the food better. Good, polite and attentive service.

Definitely worth revisiting to try out other dishes.

Kumquatcha drink - kumquat, lime, campari, and cachaca
Pearl Leong - mango, guava, orange juice, and oolong tea
Peach Guava Smoothie - peach, guava, banana, cinnamon, and oolong tea
Blue Swimmer Crab and Tobiko Caviar Soup
Dover Sole and Shitake Soup
Chilean SeaBass Mooli Roll
Prawn and Enoli Mushroom Dumpling
Scallop Shumai
Salt & Pepper Squid
Crispy Aromatic Duck
Penang Char Kway Teow
Lotus Leaf Wrap Turbot
Chicken Feet

The best dishes for me were Chilean Seabass Mooli Roll and Lotus Leaf Wrap Turbot. Simply exquisite.
Drooling as I am typing this.

15 Broadwick Street
Tel: 020 7494 8888

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